Back to the Future fashion

marty mcfly

(From The Guardian) That the film Back to the Future is being cited as a key fashion inspiration this season, just shy of 29 years since it was released, will come as no surprise to any fans of the film or, indeed, of fashion.

A Marty-style checked shirt, £30, Topman

While Heathers might seem a more obvious teen film for the fashion world to plunder, Back to the Future is, surprisingly, an easier sell. Not even Miu Miu has convinced many people to give coloured tights a spin this season, and only the boldest of 80s fashion diehards would try Heather’s shoulder-padded tartan blazer, or even Veronica’s rah-rah skirt.

Back to the Future, however, might feature some of the most ridiculous jeans, and certainly the most ridiculous car, ever designed, but it is rich in that most commercial of fashion commodities: accessories. The rucksack – slung about with such panache by Marty McFly – is already spring/summer’s It bag, with Chanel and Mulberry pushing the ruck this season.

The Marty McFly-inspired backpack from Selfridges (£85)

While young flibbertigibbets might give Cara Delevingne the credit, us older and wiser hands see Marty’s fingerprints all over this. So much so, in fact, that Eastpak is reissuing the original rucksack Marty travelled through time with this season, sold exclusively at Selfridges (although if you have a DeLorean, you are advised to time-travel and buy one of the 80s originals, as Eastpak is certainly not selling them now at 80s prices).

Marty-style trainers, by Nike, £69.99

Marty himself has been something of a hipster template for a while now: the double denim, the checked shirt, the high-tops. If only Marty had arrived in east London 2014 as opposed to Hill Valley 1955 (and, later, 2015 and 1885), he would have fit right in and instantly sparked a sleeveless parka revival.

As for the other characters, Lorraine Baines (later McFly, then Tannen) has, waist up, a proper Alexa Chung look going on, with her Peter Pan collars and demure little jumpers.

Biff Tannen’s sports jackets are definitely in style this season, for men and women, while George McFly’s thick-rimmed glasses have been a fashion staple for absolute yonks now (ie about five years).

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