Animated series follows misadventures of Game Of Thrones’ Jon Snow


(From A.V. Club) As the anticipation grows to return to the world of Westeros and its many characters and plot points, it’s good to take a moment to review what one of the lead characters of Game Of Thrones actually knows.

That doesn’t mean an overview of the various secrets held by Littlefinger or Varys or the assortment of court intrigue that surrounds the Iron Throne.

Instead it‘s a series of short animated films by Hinge Digital that seek to find out whether or not Jon Snow truly knows “nothing,” as Ygritte was fond of reminding him.

Snow Knows covers the areas in which everyone’s favorite bastard should be an expert, but in which he clearly remains woefully uneducated.

These focuses of Snow’s (lack of) knowledge range from Wargs and Wights to the more ephemeral topic of romance.

The delightful short animations are simply drawn but still have moments of hilarity.

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