‘Alien: Isolation’ to be released this october

Alien Isolation

(From VR Zone) Creative Assembly has revealed an official release date for Alien: Isolation, the upcoming survival-based title set in the sci-fi Aliens franchise.

When Alien: Isolation was announced a while ago, gamers around the world were ecstatic about being able to jump back into the hallowed halls of a Weyland Corp. ship and be terrorized by a slithering xenomorph. With the unanimously upsetting Aliens: Colonial Marines being a total bomb, Creative Assembly has a chance to redeem the franchise–and to do so the devs are returning to the glory days of the sci-fi classic.

In many ways, Alien: Isolation looks to be what an authentic Aliens game should be: it’s filled to the brim with visual throwbacks that pay apt tribute to the Ridley Scott’s original film whilst keeping that general air of being hunted. This aspect is very important to any Aliens game, considering survival is your main goal.

When we look back at Ripley’s plight in the first movie, we get an idea of what should be in the game; an oily, slithering menace that lurks in the shadows, and is the general embodiment of deadliness.

Luckily the developers seem to have hit this mark spot-on, and aim to re-create the general suspense and heart-pounding moments where split-second decisions are the key between life and death. Gamers will get to improvise in a number of situations and use tools in their environment to tackle impossible situations, and in many ways this reflects Ripley’s ordeals quite well, as she had to use what was around her in order to evade death.

As the official webpage puts it, gamers are “underpowered and under-prepared”, and to avoid being alien-food “you must scavenge resources, improvise solutions and pit your wits to not only succeed in your mission, but to simply stay alive.”

The best news about Alien: Isolation is that we won’t have to wait too long before it’s out. Creative Assembly has officially announced an October 7, 2014 release date for the game across all platforms.

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