A shepherd has almost 18,000 Twitter followers


(From The Independent) A shepherd has earned unlikely online fame after tweeting anonymously among his sheep in the Lake District.

@HerdyShepherd1, who wants his prized Herdwicks to be the stars of his feed, has drawn almost 18,000 followers with his updates and views from the hills.

A technophobe converted after a phone upgrade, he says the brevity and immediacy of Twitter make it the perfect way to connect an old world to a new audience.

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koalaing 3

The new internet craze is koalaing

(From Daily Mail) First it was planking and then owling but now an even stranger craze inspired by an iconic Australian animal is sweeping the internet – koalaing. Thousands of people across the globe have taken up the bi...
by Adword Norton

tomb raider

Tomb Raider isn’t getting a demo

(From Kotaku) No demo version is planned for Tomb Raider, said Karl Stewart of the game’s studio, Crystal Dynamics, because doing so would reveal too much of the story before the game’s release. “We’ve w...
by Adword Norton

jaina solo

Star Wars: Episode VII lead to be a woman?

(From Fanshare) While there have been plenty of different rumours flying around about the new Star Wars movie, with some talking about which former characters will return and others suggesting possible storylines, there has bee...
by Adword Norton


candy golem

Golem made from candies

(From Kotaku) In Japan, Morinaga Milk Caramel has delighted sweet tooths for over a hundred years. Dragon Quest has delighted gamers for decades. And now, both come together in this yummy fan creation. Twitter user Cencho recre...
by Adword Norton

Mass Effect 3

New Mass Effect in early stages, BioWare asks for feedback

(From Geeks of Doom) After the three-game Mass Effect trilogy came to an emotional end recently—part sadness at the closing of Commander Shepard’s storyline; part anger at the poorly executed ending (which was made much bet...
by Adword Norton



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