A Redneck and a Motorcycle are the Breakout Stars of ‘The Walking Dead’


If you are like us, you are counting down the days until October when season 5 of “The Walking Dead” will premiere on AMC. Until then, we’ll have to make do with watching reruns of seasons and learning all we can about one of the most compelling characters to ever fight off flesh eating zombies.

Of course we’re talking about Daryl Dixon, a hillbilly with a hard edge who doesn’t take crap from others, especially the “walkers” who are determined to devour the entire rag tag group of post apocalyptic survivors. Daryl, played by actor Norman Reedus, is arguably the most interesting character on the show. He also rides a killer motorcycle that a lot of us dream of owning, even if our suburban neighborhoods are noticeably walker-free.

As we bide the time for next season to start, those of us who want to channel our inner Daryls and his bike, his look and his ‘tude should consider the following:

Daryl’s Bike

While the exact type of bike that Daryl rides has been a hot topic of discussion, we agree with Ride Apart, which claims it’s a chopped 1960’s Triumph Bonneville TR6C. Back in the 60s and 70s, the process of “chopping” a motorcycle was a popular trend among a lot of riders. As the term implies, this involves literally cutting the frame of the bike to elongate it and make it ride lower to the ground.

The makers of the show couldn’t have nailed this bike anymore if they tried — complete with a peanut tank, the customized bike is perfect for Daryl, and in some ways is almost its own character. One of the things we like the best about the motorcycle, which Original Bike Spirits notes used to belong to his brother Merle, is how real and true to chopper-style it is. Devoid of James Bond-like zombie-killing weapons, it’s a loud bike that helps Daryl get from one zombie-filled area to the next.

As a bonus, when the bike breaks down, Daryl knows how to fix it quickly and simply; it doesn’t require computerized parts flown in from Europe or other fancy buttons and gadgets. It’s a good thing too — it’s not like Daryl could access modern bike parts post apocalypse. If Reedus looks completely at home when riding his motorcycle on the show, it’s probably due in part to the fact that he used to work at a Harley-Davidson shop before he switched gears to become an actor.

Daryl’s Look

Reedus has perfected the hard-edged, hillbilly redneck look. More at home with his motorcycle and his crossbow than people, he has a basic scruffy appearance and a noticeable lack of safety gear. To duplicate a similar look while still staying safe on our own motorcycles, BikeBandit has the gear — including motorcycle jackets, boots and more — that can help you get that ready-to-kick-zombie butt look.

Daryl’s Attitude

When it comes to back stories, Daryl’s is one of the most compelling. As Wikipedia notes, he and his brother grew up in Georgia and were abused by their alcoholic and nasty parents. The experience left Daryl with literal and physical scars — ever notice how scarred his back is? — that cause him to struggle with getting along with others. Over the course of the seasons, Daryl has started to work better with others and has become a bit more of a team player, although when Carol went in to kiss him on the forehead he pulled back like he was going to get smacked. His no-holds barred, can-do attitude permeates his character, whether he’s using his crossbow to kill off walkers or helping the others in the group.



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