5ft-high alien city out of 200,000 bricks


(From Daily Mail) A Lego fan built a 5ft-high alien city out of 200,000 bricks in an eight-month labour of love.

Mike Doyle, from New York, spent 600 hours creating Contact 1, which is 6ft wide, since coming up with the idea last August.

The project started out as a large castle that then spread out to become a sprawling hilltop city called Odan, complete with tall towers, bridges and space ships hovering above it.

After capturing his work on camera, Mr Doyle dismantles his projects because of the cost of Lego.

The design director, whose previous Lego efforts include abandoned homes, said: ‘I have been using Lego for almost three years now as an art medium.

‘My pieces reflect my current state of mind and interests, so this one is about spirituality, which is my greatest interest.

‘Through studying different forms of spirituality, I came across the connection to UFOs, which until now I had always thought stuff like that and ETs was just silly nonsense.

‘Our media trivialises UFO and ET phenomena as silly tabloid fodder. Movies often demonise the idea through attacks to Earth so that was my thinking behind this.’

Now Mr Doyle is asking for fans of his work to donate through fund-raising site Kickstarter so he can buy enough Lego to create more cities, that celebrate ‘extra-terrestrial contact events, spiritual beings and unique worlds’.

He has already raised nearly £3,000 ($4,400) in donations.

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