3D scanner creates shoes that fit perfectly every time

Volumental shoe

(From Daily Mail) Imagine going into a shoe shop and, instead of having to try on different sizes, the retailer already knows what size will fit you.

That’s a future imagined by one company which says its 3D scanning service can be used to ensure you never have to try on a range of sizes again.

The technology will first be used on shoes, but will eventually be rolled out to other accessories including glasses, helmets, jeans and even earphones. Developed by Swedish firm Volumental, based in Stockholm, the technology could revolutionise how certain items are bought.

The technology uses 3D cameras, such as Microsoft’s Kinect or Intel’s RealSense, to map a person’s foot in seconds.

The cameras are connected to a computer and rotate around the foot, creating a 3D image that shows the specific shape and size.

While people have feet that are roughly of a similar size, many have different shapes that can make putting on new shoes uncomfortable.

But this technology could change that, and instead allow them to slip on a pair that instantly feels comfortable.

Co-founder Caroline Walerud told The Guardian she thought the current system of trying on lots of shoes or jeans in a store would be ‘completely gone’ in ten years.

‘Instead it will be “size me”, she said.

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